Do You Have A Request?

Well, this is your opportunity to pitch it. Is there something you would like to see photographed? Reblog this post or inbox me with your request and I will do my upmost to make it a reality. Whether its a certain type of vehicle, aircraft of watercraft, a landmark, a particular kind of pedestrian, a photograph taken from an unusual location, or anything else for that matter - I will do my best to photograph and bring it to this page

Stylistic options: when you make your request, please ensure that you state whether you want the photo to be taken with a particular kind of filter, and if you would like to see any additional photoshopping work applied afterward. Furthermore, please state if you wish to see any text incorporated into the photo.

To make your request: reblog this post with your request. Alternately: to make absolutely sure I will see your request, instead of reblogging this post, inbox me with your request.


Please note: as I lack the skills, level and connections in GTA Online necessary to pull off some shots that require additional players to orchestrate (such as aircraft-in-flight or vehicle-stunt shots), the chances of your request being obliged are significantly higher if it is of a single-player nature.

Peace out, folks.

- Mac